How Mead Is Made

Mead starts out with honey. Honey starts with flowers. Bees fly two miles, sometimes more, in search of the sweet nectar. Each flower produces a unique nectar which, in turn, produces a unique honey.

The forager bee (always female) returns to the hive to fill empty comb with nectar and pollen. It takes a honey bee its entire lifetime to produce 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey.

After the comb is filled, the beekeeper extracts and packages the finished honey. This is where we enter the story.

Our team of experienced “honey tasters” evaluate every honey that enters the meadery. Only honey that passes their stringent inspection makes it into our meads.

We tailor each batch of mead based on the honey being used. We don’t limit our honey to a locality, rather we search for unique and flavorful honeys to create the best mead.

After a process that normally takes two to four months, we package the finished mead and distribute both locally and direct to consumers in select states.

Then we try to take cool photos of our finished products to show you how well they pair with food!

Sometimes we even win medals with our meads.

We like to experiment. A lot. We’re sure that you’ll find a mead that you love.


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