All About Mead

What is mead?

  • Mead is an alcoholic beverage produced from the fermentation of honey. Just like wine is made from grapes and beer is made from grains, honey provides the fermentable sugar that gives mead its unique and delicious flavor

What is Mechalore?

  • A combination of the words Mechanism and Lore that is a nod to the history of mead (the lore) and the modern techniques (the mechanism) that are used to make Mechalore MeadWorks meads unique.
  • Each recipe component (the mechanisms) are carefully selected and measured so that they combine to create a perfect machine that is the finished mead. The story that you create around the grandiose names of each mead and the stories that you tell as you enjoy it with friends builds the lore.

What is Mechalore MeadWorks mead?

  • Mechalore MeadWorks mead is produced using modern meadmaking techniques to produce a mead that more clearly shows the qualities of the honey and other ingredients than some ancient methods
  • Mechalore MeadWorks mead is unrestrained. I believe that mead is largely undefined and that we should work to find the upper limits of what the beverage can be. Mechalore MeadWorks meads are made from ingredients sourced from around the world to enable the meads to accomplish that vision.

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